Boocha Babe Kombucha

Brewer's Log

Staghorn Sumac

Hello and welcome to our first blog post! Since we are in the process of getting going but still brewing, experimenting, foraging, and learning Quickbooks we wanted to provide a landing place of our progress towards opening. 

While our original flavor sources were available year-round, we are laying the foundation to move towards local, seasonal flavorings for our brews. Traditional kombucha, jun, and our behind-the-scenes brewing projects are all ideally heading this way. This is the tail of end of the season for harvesting a North American specialty: staghorn sumac. If you love za'atar, then you've loved sumac.

So far we have tried sumac in our brews with 100% satisfaction. The greatest accomplishment was brewing a beet kombucha that tasted nothing like dirt- ahem, soil. Imagine a heatless habanero pepper where you can actually experience the flavor of the pepper without your taste buds protesting (they exist! They're called habanadas, created by Row 7 Seeds). That's how our beet sumac kombucha turned out. All of the balanced flavor with none of the dirty vinegar. Phenomenal color and balanced flavor. 

If you live in the North Eastern part of the United States, mark your foraging spots for next year's sumac harvest. We're still going to squeeze by with what we could collect this year for some spice. 

Jesse Horning